The Party Starts with the Lights

Level up your party. Rent the perfect lighting for any type of event.

Why rent from us?

Avoid spending thousands of dollars on your own equipment for your event. Renting party lighting gives you access to dazzling effects and creates the perfect atmosphere, all without the hassle of buying and storing equipment.

The benefits of renting from us

Save money

Renting is much more affordable than purchasing. We have all of the essentials for your event, and we are always adding more equipment to our inventory.

Less stress

You have enough to think about when planning your event. Let us handle all of the lighting and effects equipment for you. Not sure what to rent? Feel free to email us to ask about what we would recommend, and we are happy to curate a customized package for you.

Save time

We offer flexible windows for pick up and drop off. Located right in Point Loma, we are centrally located and very close to the major interstates. 

We have all of the equipment you need

Transform your next event from ordinary to extraordinary with SD Party Lighting! We're your one-stop shop for all things party lighting, from all-in-one gig bars, to lazers and and fog machines. Let our lighting experts help you create the perfect ambiance to match your party's vibe.

Our equipment arsenal

Frequently asked questions

Explore the FAQs to ensure you're well-prepared to embark on your stroller journey with us.

  • Renting equipment from our website is a hassle-free process. Begin by browsing our selection, which includes options for both lighting and effects. Once you've chosen the package that suits your requirements, specify the rental duration, whether you need it for a few days or several weeks. Add the items to your cart and proceed to the checkout. Provide the necessary information, and we will follow up to arrange a pick up time. When your rental period is over, you can return the equipment right back at our home location. It's that easy! We handle cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of party lighting without the burden of ownership.

  • We understand accidents can happen. If the equipment sustains any damage during your use, please notify us as soon as possible. Depending on the nature and extent of the damage, you may be responsible for covering the repair or replacement costs. We recommend reviewing our rental agreement for specific terms and conditions regarding your rental. For minor damage, we are generally quite handy, so we can fix most damage in-house without charging. However, if the damage is extensive, we may have to order replacement parts and that cost would be taken out of your security deposit. Your prompt reporting of any issues is greatly appreciated and helps us maintain the quality of our rental equipment.

  • Yes, you have the option to extend the rental period for our equipment if you find that you need it for a longer duration than initially intended. Contact our team to discuss your needs and arrange for an extension. We'll work with you to update the rental terms and ensure the continued availability of the equipment. Keep in mind that equipment availability may vary, so it's advisable to notify us of your extension needs as early as possible to secure the equipment. We understand that circumstances can change, and we're here to support your evolving party lighting requirements.